The Year So Far

It’s been an interesting year so far. I’ve spent most of it outdoors as expected, working on my forest school endeavours, and enjoying some trips out in my spare time. 

My year of yes is going quite well too. I haven’t (to my knowledge), said no to anything unless it was unavoidable, but I still haven’t been on the crazy kind of adventures I’d hoped for. I’d fully anticipated that by saying yes to things, I’d end up doing a lot more crazy things. However, it seems it does also rely on being asked the right questions! Come on universe. Make it happen!

I have however said a big YES to the some great opportunities that have come my way so far this year. I’ve said yes to a new job working with the YMCA to help deliver their youth projects, and I’ve said yes to the chance to assist in delivering training for level 2 and 3 forest school trainees. Considering I was only in their shoes a little over a year ago, I consider it a huge privilege to be asked to assist, and I’m truly grateful for both of these fantastic opportunities be part of something bigger than myself. 

Of course I’m still keeping my eyes out for yes moments, and for all the little beautiful moments along my journey. Here are some of my favourites from the year so far. 

 Assisting with forest school training. Tea and book reading in the park.       Visiting Malham Cove and the Limestone Pavements.    Robin Hoods Bay.   Biking over the River Calder.  Biking the Longdendale Trail.   Biking the Dearne Valley Trail.        Visiting Mallyan Spout. 


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