A Quick February Microadventure

In case any of you were wondering… Yes! There WAS a microadventure in February, and here it is. It was a quick adventure this time around, with a some of the crew from the January adventure and a few new faces along for the ride. 

We stuck to our tried and tested method of pub grub followed by a walk and a camp, and it worked well this time. Despite a shocking weather forecast, the night was relatively clear, but cold. I guess that’s what you get in February! Nevertheless, the walk soon warmed us up, and by the time we reached our intended camping spot we were ready to get settled in for the night. Figuring we were in for a chilly night ahead, we set up a low group shelter facing in to the wind, and I reckon it turned out to be a good call. Once we managed to hunker down, I think we were all happy enough. There was surprisingly little chatter from any of us. We had a brew, and sleep soon followed. The picture above is the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes in the morning. Perhaps not the very best view in the world, but a hell of a lot better than an alarm clock I can tell you. The best part of this scene however was the river flowing just outside the tree line. I’ve always been a water person. I think maybe it’s my element. It brings me immense happiness to be around water, and great peace to hear it, so to wake up on this crisp sunny morning, with the river flowing by was bliss. The perfect antidote to modern life. 

It was at around this point, shortly after waking up that my phone battery died. It turns out the iPhone 5 is notorious for shutting down in cold temperatures, and mine is no exception. Thank you Apple. That’s two microadventures that I’ve been unable to properly document. Lesson learned. 

We followed the night with a lazy pack up and a fantastic early morning walk over the moors and back to civilisation and a cooked breakfast. You’ll have to take my word for it, it was spectacular…

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the next adventure. We’ve planned a bigger trip this time. We’re off to Edale for an entire weekend, with a couple of decent days of walking planned too boot. Watch this space!


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