January Microadventure No.2

January microadventure number two was a spur of the moment thing. A knee jerk reaction to a week stuck indoors. We didn’t really make much of a plan this time around, but following the tried and tested methods of pub + food + bivvy = microadventure, saw us up a hill and in a patch of woodland that’s always been calling me from the folds of the map.  

After a good filling meal we left the pub at around 10pm, and found the bridleway that would take us to our woodland for the night. Navigating through brambles and mud, crossing streams by moonlight and eventually reaching a likely looking site under the boughs of an oak tree, we settled in to our bivvies for the night. The near full moon spotlighting our camping spot, and silhouetting the trees swaying in the breeze. We fell asleep watching the clouds scud across the face of the moon. 
The dawn light brought with it the noisy chattering of a rookery close to our camp spot. As the sun rose slowly higher, so did the chattering until at around 7:30am, as if by some secret signal, hundreds of rooks simultaneously took flight, filling the sky with noise and excitement, whirling all around us in ever increasing circles before eventually disappearing towards the horizon, followed lazily by a murder of crows. 



With that, it was time to go. Throwing everything back in to our backpacks, we traced our way back towards the village, and onwards towards home and a warm shower. 



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